Rectangular Horizontal Autoclave

(Regular Model)

The Rectangular Horizontal Autoclave is based on the principle that microbiological action of saturated steam at elevated temp is rapid and thorough. The autoclave design to work minimum sterilizing temperature 121° / 135°C and pressure 15/31 psi with vacuuming system.
Inner chamber, jacket, Dcor and boiler is made of stainless steel of 304/316 quality. All the autoclaves are hydraulically tested to withstand 2.5 times the working pressure. The steam jacket is lined on the outer side with asbestos sheet or glass wool which prevents heat losses due to radiation and is covered by strong stainless steel sheet.
Boiler (Steam Generator)
Autoclave boiler made of thick stainless steel plate suitably located under side. High grade flanged type heating elements are fitted from front side for easy replacement / repair. Fitted with water gauge glass for water level, safety valve, water inlet and drain valves. A Low Water Level cut off device also provided. This device protects the heater in the steam generator from burning out dry. The steam pressure in the boiler is indicated on an individual pressure gauge.
Safety Lock for Door
All the rectangular Autoclave is fitted with Self Locking Safety Door which cannot be opened when the chamber is under pressure. The clutch mechanism automatically disengages the threads of the radial locking system for precluding any eventuality of accident when the chamber is under pressure. A heat resistant Neoprene Rubber gasket ensures steam tight fitting.
Pressure Control
Electrically operated Pressure State (Pressure Control Device) is fitted in all electrically operated Autoclave. It economies power consumption and limits the use of release valve which would frequently blow steam into the room. It cuts off the power supply to heaters when the set pressure is achieved and re-energizes heaters when falls down the set pressure.
Complete sterilizing cycle is controlled by special design automatic autoclave controller. A manual control valve as an emergency planning provided.


The Chamber
Two separate valves provided for evacuating air and steam from inner chamber and jacket as and when desired. A steam trap is fitted in the chamber discharge line to eliminate the condensate automatically.
Control Panel
A Control Panel with all the accessories like Autoclave Controller, Pressure control switch, Main switch, Pilot lamps, relays, selector switch, key operated ON/OFF switch etc. mounted on the stand of the Autoclave.
Standard Fitting
Multi operating valve, Quick drying apparatus, Accidental vacuum breaker valve, Plug screen, Ejector system , Chamber condensate line with steam trap & check valve, Safety valve, Air valve, Vacuum breaker, Pressure gauge, Compound gauge, Dial thermometer, Baffle, etc.
Optional Accessories

Model Chamber Dimensions (MM) Volume Electric Load
Width Height Depth Ltr. approx KW
LI-RA-175 450 450 900 175 18
LI-RA-425 600 600 1200 425 18
LI-RA-645 600 900 1200 645 18
LI-RA-800 600 900 1500 800 36
LI-RA-1200 900 900 1500 1200 36
LI-RA-1925 900 1200 1800 1925 48

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