Medical Drying Cabinet

Medical Drying Cabinet, one of the best dryer for all the surgical, Glassware in CSSD, Hospital, Research Institute. The machine working is quiet in operation and energy efficient. The complete unit made of stainless steel 304/316 as per customer choice, it is extremely durable. The Drying Cabinet has an upward air flow that is re-circulated using the latest technology. This helps to reduce the drying time and eliminates the build-up of humidity. This cabinet has double compartments which are separated by a removable centre partition, meaning you can dry one or two type items at a time. There is a removable grill on the centre which provides somewhere for the material loading, The Medical Drying Cabinet has a touch screen controller which allows you to regulate the time and temperature of the dryer, as well as having an emergency stop button. The heater, fans and filters are located in a separate compartment so that the cabinet handler hands cannot reach the electrical systems. This excellent drying cabinet also has lockable castors which make moving and cleaning it a lot easier.



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