Bio-medical Waste Management Products


Microwave Disinfection system is a Waste Decontamination Instrument to works with Infectious waste, it is use full for decontaminated on-site safely, quickly, economically and in an environmentally friendly way. The result is inactivated, non-hazardous waste material.
It is the ideal solution for doctor's practices, laboratories, blood banks, dialysis centres and research facilities.
The microwave system will comply with the efficacy test or routine tests and a performance guarantee. The microwave will completely and consistently kill the bacteria and other pathogenic organisms that are ensured by approved biological indicator at the maximum design capacity of each microwave unit. Biological indicators for microwave will be Bacillus atrophaeusspores using vials or spore strips with at least 1 x 104 sporesper detachable strip. The biological indicator shall be placed with waste and exposed to same conditions as the waste during a normal treatment cycle.

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